The Fred Report - Conference Call August 27, 2015

author/source: Fred Meissner, CMT

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Stocks of Interest Chartbook - download here

08/27/15 - Note from Fred on this weeks' chartbook:  One question we have had is how we look at broken charts, because most of the charts in the chart book are in fact broken. There are many ways and we tend to look at indicator patterns, but in this sort of situation we look at close only charts to determine support, resistance and patterns. Looking at these things there are some names we want to recommend  for traders and possibly investors that should not be hit too badly if the market does not rally to resolve the oversold condition. These are: DAL, HD, FEYE, HAL, NKE. These are decent charts, in most cases conservative names.

Don't be afraid to trade in this environment - with big percentage swings some profits should be taken quickly.

Daily chart is on the left and goes back about 5 months of data and the Weekly chart is on the right going back over two years.  The date label is contained on the axis just below the actual chart and above the Stochastics indicator.

Note: The post on the top is the most current comments and there will be a designation to the right of the note which displays how old the note is in days.  Example: 34d is a note written 34 calendar days ago.

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